Stuart Nursing and Rehabilitation

2020 Benefits Open Enrollment

This page contains all your insurance benefits information provided to you by Stuart Nursing and Rehab.

All full-time benefit-eligible employees are required to complete a Virtual Enrollment

Scroll down and follow the steps to complete your Benefits Enrollment.


Start by scheduling

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Virtual Benefits



 A Benefit Counselor will explain all of the available coverage’s and  enroll you in any desired benefits.

You will receive a confirmation email with the time you selected and where to go to complete your Virtual Enrollment.

You will need to have the items listed below ready in order to enroll.


  • Full SSN for any dependents you wish to cover.
  • Dates of birth for all dependents and beneficiaries.

Take a look at the Supplemental Plans


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This is a medical indemnity plan that provides you and your family with hospital, doctor, accidental death and catastrophic accident benefits in the event of an accident.


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Replaces a portion of income if someone becomes disabled due to a covered accident or sickness.


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Designed to help you and your family maintain financial security during the lengthy, expensive recovery period of a serious medical event such as cancer, heart attack or stroke.

Life insruance

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Life insurance helps to provide peace-of-mind that named beneficiaries will receive an amount of money designated by the insured at the time of death.

Medical bridge

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Helps with the out-of-pocket medical and non-medical expenses related to events such as hospital confinement, outpatient surgery, diagnostic tests and more.